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Daivagya Jyotish Kendra, started with an aim to help people, to solve their problems, and bring daily life solutions by harnessing the power of Vedic Sciences and Astrology. The Sansthan was established in the year 2010, in Varanasii, under the supervision of renowned Astrologer Dr. Anil Pandey Since then, the Center remains dedicated to providing unmatched astrological consulting, horoscope matching, Vastu Shastra, Pooja, and other Vedic services for people’s benefit.

Dr. Anil Paney has a vast knowledge of Vedic Astrology (Parashari Jyotish) and his area of specialization is marriage, love life and relations. He has an experience which exceeds 15 years and in this span of time, he has provided accurate horoscope readings, predictions and useful suggestions to innumerable clients from all across the country and globe. He provides an astrological profile and the remedies based on your personal details like time, place and date of birth.



Lord Shiva is the god of Tantra Shastra, Kashi is the city of Lord Shiva. Without Lord Shiva, Kamakhya is not complete, therefore, Kashi can not calm down listening to the Tantra word.  The meaning of Tantra is very detailed. It is a Hindu and Buddhist tradition that develops around the middle of the first century. In […]


The origin of Vedic astrology goes back to the ancient Indian traditions as old as Atharva Veda. All the information about Vedic astrology is present in Ayurveda and VedangJyotisha, an early work about astrology in Vedas. It is commonly known as Jyotisha. According to Vedic astrology, karma and fortune are closely interlinked. An intricate part of Indian […]

Vedic Karma

 Veds are considered to be most ancient and sacred literature of ancient India. Which is the oldest and founding religious literature , Veds in indian culture one basic and oldest epic in “Sanatana”. Which is the “Voice of God”. these are oldest religious literature of the world, whose sacred chants and mantras are read and […]


Vaastu is the science of direction that combines all the five elements of nature and balances them with man and materials. The word ‘Vastu’ was originated from the term ‘VASTOSHPATI’ which had its usage in the Rig Veda and is said to render happiness, prosperity, and protection in life and after death too. It is […]

Intellectual Scholar

Vedmurti Dr. Anil Pandey

Born in the infinite field of Kashi with the grace of Kashi Vishwanath in full birth, in the birth of the past, Vedamurthi, Dr. Anil Pandey Mahraj, from the time of childhood, after receiving the fame of Swami Karpali Ji Maharaj, after completion of secondary education, He completed his higher degree in Astrology and Tantra […]

Daivagya Dr. Shridhar Ojha

Astrology, Tantra and ved are the genetical tradition of Dr. Shreedhar Ojha. Late Shree Buddhidhar Ojha,Grand father of Dr. Shridhar Ojha was Kulguru of Asother Estate ( Place of maternal grandmother of Ashwathama Ji). Father of Dr. Shridhar Ojha, Maha Mohapadhaya Acharya Late Shree Giridhar Ojha  was a scholar of Grammar, Jayotiish, Vedas, Tantra and […]


Our goal is to provide peaceful mind.

I am running a school but right from star i was facing accute accidents, problems , bad conduct 7 non performance of my students and high degree of teacher’s attrition & so on. I had been told about Daivagya and immediately i called them for vastu analysis. Now this school of mine is considered as the most popular and being recognised for excellent result.

I had contacted Anil ji in times of great difficulty around april this year, discussing my problems and proffessional life whole heartly & he gave me very simple astronomical & astrological treatments and advive . I startseeing result within a month time. My life took a 360 degree turns from there. I am enjoying my life in every aspect of this and i had complete faith on all the advices refered by Anil ji.

I was very upset since last 2 years and participated in many of the treatment method which are almost very helpful in aspect but Daivagya helped me with my studies which is at its peak right now.

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